Jira-Monday Integration & Automation Question/suggested features

Hi All :slight_smile: ,
I’ve tried the integration with jira and I have some suggestions that could really help me (if I missed and they are already exist please let me know :slight_smile: )

  1. When connecting to Jira, The Option to add issues to different groups in the same board by a condition criteria. For example- "if the issue (from jira) has in custom Field that called product = “x” then navigate it to the relevant group inside the relevant board.
  2. Also if I could use a condition in the integration not just to move issues to certien groups in the same board but maybe also the option to choose multiple groups
  3. More relevant to Automations: Is there a way to include only specific groups in the same board to an automation? could be great. For example; adding a condition to the existing automations -" only apply for group: " group 1" "

Thanks In Advanced,