Jira & Monday Integration- Question/suggestion

Hi All :slight_smile: ,
I’ve tried the integration with jira and I have some suggestions that could really help me (if I missed and they are already exist please let me know :slight_smile: )

  1. When connecting to Jira, The Option to add issues to different groups in the same board by a condition criteria. For example- "if the issue have in custom Field product “x” then navigate it to the relevant group.
  2. Also if I could use a condition in the integration not just to move issues to certien groups in the same board but maybe also the option to choose all groups in the relevant board /or multiple groups
  3. More relevant to Automations: Is there a way to include only specific groups in the same board to an automation? could be great

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#3. When automations/integrations are created, they apply only to the board that they are created in.
#1 & #2. I think the easiest way to do what you are wanting here is to create the desired integration on your first board. This automatically creates a webhook in Jira. Go to the system settings in Jira and manually adjust the JQL query to add your desired criteria. Now, repeat the process for each of your other boards.

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Hi @JCorrell ,
Thanks for the quick answer,
I meant that I wanted the automation and the criteria to be applied to diffrent kind of “groups” and not boards (My mistake)
Is there a way to do it?
I edited it in my first post
Thanks in advanced!


Sorry about the late reply… I lost track of this.

The basic answer to your question is an item’s group is not currently a value that can condition logic in monday automations. Generally, the workaround for this is to maintain a status column that identifies (and controls) the group that an item is in. This status column can then be used to condition logic in automations, especially with custom automations.

When this does not provide sufficient control, the next step is marketplace apps, custom programming, and tools like Make/Integromat, Zapier or similar.

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