Move Jira Item between board with connection


i have 1 board that using for a backlog that get all Jira item using this integration:

i want select some of the items and moved them to other board (Active Sprint) under same structure but the connection of updating the item from Jira is stop working in this case.


My guess is that this is because the integration is on a per board level.

Once your move the item, the integration tries to update the item on the board which doesn’t exist any more.

Your best option would be to move the item to another group in the same board, you would have groups something like this: Backlog, Sprint 1, Sprint 2, … Sprint X

Can i do integration on higher level ?
It is very annoying to connect each board to the same integration with a username and password, no global definition?

but even i will setup new Jira integration on the new board, i will have an issue because this is the option i have:

and non of the option are updating the existing record…

so there no ability to move Jira item between boards ?

any suggestion for solution ? :eyes:

I have done work integrating with JIRA. Here are some of my thoughts…

I have found no way to do what you are looking for given the current integrations provided by monday. Since the item ID doesn’t change when you move it to another board, it seems like it would be relatively easy for monday to remove that limitation. I think it would also be possible using JIRA webhooks to create your own “integration” with something like Integromat. It would be quite a bit of work.

The direction we are moving is to have one board that is the JIRA representation in monday. We are then using filters, views and groups to give us the items / look we want. We have one situation where an automation is setup in the “JIRA” board to create an item in a different board then use mirror columns to give the JIRA visibility in the second board.

Also, though not directly related to you need, we have put in place processing using JIRA webhooks and Integromat to deal with the situation where JIRA tickets get moved to a different project., I believe that @JCorrell is correct.

You would need to build you own integration at this stage. You could then link the Jira ID with an Item ID in your DB, this would remove the limitation of moving items between boards (You could even move the item to a board/create a new board when the Jira task is moved to your active sprint).

I know that the monday team are looking to improve the Jira integration, I am not sure if this is on their roadmap though.

You could either do this using monday Apps, Integromat or your own custom application.