Jira server integration - why do I need global admin permissions


When I try to create Jira server 2 Monday integration I get an error that I need to be a global administrator of Jira…meaning I need to contact the global admin each time to allow access in order for me to perform the integration.

Is there an intention to change that from Monday side? I am the Project admin in Jira why do I need to be the global admin for Jira?


Hey Roi,

We hear your frustration here however this is a requirement on Jira’s end, not ours - this is because the communication is between our server making API calls to the JIRA API. JIRA’s rest API does require Global Admin Access for their webhook. We understand it isn’t the most ideal process and I have shared this internally. Whilst there isn’t much we can do at this time, if anything changes, I will be sure to update this thread :pray: