Jira Integration Supporting Authentication through Personal Access Tokens

We have requested that our Jira admin team integrate with Monday. We learned yesterday that our group won’t integrate using the Jira admin w/global permissions and advised us to wait until you supported authentication through personal access tokens.

Is there a plan for this? or is there a work around we could leverage?

We are wondering if there is any work arounds for this as well. I understand that granting “global permissions” is a requirement. And we were not aware of this when we were being sold on the concept of the Jira/Monday integration. Knowing that this was a selling point for us, this is a HUGE set back on being able to use this integration.

We would be very interested in what options or workaround are available for us to fully utilize this integration in-order to justify keeping our Enterprise account.

Thank you!
scottd (ACS Technologies)

While waiting for this future to be added, you can use a fairly new app that we developed for Jira Monday integrations, where we do support token authentication on both sides (Jira/Monday).

Ping me here if you want to know more: jacek@getint.io.
Or try the app yourself for free (Monday Jira integration app)
Jacek (Co-Founder)