Kanban View Across Multiple Boards (Support in dashboards)

Hey Folks,

Super stoked to announce the beta of Multi board kanban view. Our team would really appreciate it if you could try it out and share your feedback. The beta version will be available until our app is listed on the marketplace.

This also shows subitems as separate cards ( as long as they have similar status labels )

To share your feedback, use the live chat in the app, write to me at kranthi@thoughtflow.io, or leave a comment on this forum

As a thank you for trying it out and sharing your feedback

  • You’ll get a 20% off, once this app is listed on the marketplace
  • We’ll prioritise any feature requests

Useful links:

Click here to install the beta app on your workspace

Click here to watch a demo video

Leave a tip, to support continued development :slight_smile: