Keep column order when exporting a view to Excel

Hello -
Is there a way to keep the same column order when exporting a Table view to Excel, regardless of the column order within the “Main table”?


I have created multiple table views within the same board for each team to see relevant information on the same project. For example, the Planning Team needs to focus on delayed projects, while other teams are managing the project’s day-to-day.

When the Planning team is exporting their view to Excel for further analysis and reporting, the columns are in a different order. I’ve come to realize that the order from the Main Table prevails, but it’s not ideal to change it there because they are also used on the Dashboard for drill-down.

Hey @nguz, good question! There isn’t a way to keep the same column order/have a different column order than the main table unfortunately.

One alternative solution could be to duplicate the board when you’re ready to export, show the delayed projects only on this board for the Planning Team, and have them export to Excel from the duplicated board.

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