Lack of date information at the end of recurring activities

Monday used to report the creation date of a recurring activity at the end of the activity text, (in parentheses), but the function has been disabled.

This is causing serious inconvenience to our organization.

I think this was a wrong decision by Monday that is causing us a lot of inconvenience, because as it is a recurring automation we no longer understand which month or competence the activity is about.

For example, I don’t know if the activity refers to the month of July or August, you know?

The solution proposed by monday support is for me to create a column informing which month the activity belongs to. But I also have biweekly, decennial activities… Do I need to make 3 columns in my more than 30 boards already working? Unfortunately this is impossible…

Help us to get back our original function!

Hello @gelson,

You can add ‘Creation Log’ type column to your board which automatically adds the item’s creator and creation date. Maybe this can help to solve your problem.


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