Need start date for recurring tasks

It would be incredibly useful for to have a launch date / start date for recurring items. For example, “every time period starting this date create an item”, such as “every 4 weeks starting September 14th, 2020 create the item Clean Dishwasher Filter”.

These are the issues I currently face without this feature:

  1. Sometimes I set something to occur on a certain timeframe (e.g. once every 3 months) and it defaults to a set rotation (Jan, Apr, etc) rather than the schedule I intended (Feb, May, etc).

  2. Every time I alter (or accidentally edit) a task it throws off the carefully curated schedule. This is made even more difficult because the automation previews do not show what the item is, and I need to click through several to find the one I’m looking for.

  3. If I need to add in a new item, I need to add it in following its intended schedule. For example, if I have a task that only needs to happen twice a year, and the tasks is rotated among 4 team members, it cannot be fully set up for two years.

Please consider making this improvement!

Hey @APfluger!

Thank you so much for writing in with this thoughtful feedback around our recurring automations and items! This is such valuable feedback that I’d love to personally advocate for as a feature addition and I’ve already gone ahead and passed this along to our Autopilot Team for their review and consideration.

I can genuinely see how those three points you mentioned above would be helpful and I’m hopeful that they can be added as improvements as well in the near future!

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Wonderful! Where should I look to keep my eye out for updates?