Latest subitems date relates to main item date and changes date of main item automaticaly

Hi, as many before me I am searching for a way to have the date of main item corespond to the latest date of subitem. I hope some additional development on this has been made?
I can see that it is possible to have the time range of supitems mirroed to main items level. However I have not figured out how to use this mirror column in dependecies, automations or formulas in order to achive the above described.
Does anyone have a solution on this?

It would be a solution, if I could use the number calculated in a formular column in “push date automation”. Is this anyhow possible?

hi @NirvanaShape

I do understand the issue. Although you can present a timeline in the parent item (which contains the latest end date), this is actually a mirror column and as such can’t be used in automations. Also formula columns can’t be used in automations. You might want to try the General Caster app or as an alternative build something yourself in Make / Zapier.

Hi, thank you for your awnser and help. Do you think will built something as a native solution for this?

I can’t speak for but to be honest it looks like this is not their highest priority.