Linking/Syncing status

I use a workflow where if in one board a ticket reaches a certain status, it creates an item in another. I would love a way to sync two status’ together so it updates both tickets when one is updated


Hey @mtvanc

We have an automation in beta which could work for you:

You can activate it from monday labs in your avatar. Let me know if it solves your needs?


Hi I enabled beta views, boards and widgets but can’t find it. Are you sure it’s enabled on our account?

would love to use this too but don’t see it in the automation centre.

Hi Julia. I would love to use this automation but is not yet visible to me.

Hi Any news on this beta automatation? Can it be enabled in my account? This is huge!

Would love to have this available for testing, but can’t see it. Has it gone back to the developers for rework? When is the beta likely to be available?

Hey @Krishele @agranville @snicho,

Fantastic! Glad you are excited to try out this beta feature

I went ahead and granted you this beta feature. Just refresh and it should reflect.

Let me know if this helps.


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Hi justin, what’s the best e-mail to send you my account info so you cna enable it? I already e-mailed for it

Thank you Justin! I’m already using it in my boards!

I would love to try out this feature as well. Can you please enable it in my account?

Hey @Laura,

I went ahead and granted you the feature. Just refresh and it should reflect. :slight_smile:

Let me know if this works.


Would love to use this feature can I have access to this automation!

Hi. I would love this automation as well. Could you please enable it for me. Thanks

@Brad @alejencia @cminds
I have added beta recipes to your account so you should now be able to activate them from the monday labs!

Can you enable this for us as well please? That would be a huge help!

Hi could you enable this for me as well?

Acct email is

That’s been added to your account. You need to then activate the beta recipes feature in your monday labs!

Done for you too @IvanRivera