Linking Two Different Tables

Hey guys,
I am building my account and have several linked tables from an access database. I am trying to export each to a different board.
I posted the video here of what it exactly looks like

hey @ddenis9 welcome to the community!

I believe you want to use ‘mirror’ column to see the persons name on your connected board. Connected boards columns use the name of the item to display, but then you can mirror other column values from the board.

So essentially under the ‘client’ linked column you will have id (which Im assuming is your the ‘name’ of the client on the client table.) and then you would just mirror the other column with the name.

Alternatively I would suggest re-importing all your tables and setting a different item name than what looks like the db id. then just track the id in some other number column. Since isn’t a typical database I don’t see the need to have the id in the left most column, especially since it won’t be viewed as a number or ids. And if you do that a lot of the other widgets/tools that monday has available will be a lot cleaner since pulse name is used for display on lots of things. calendar invites etc…

hope that helps!

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Hi @ddenis9 I think VLOOKUP app will be able to solve your linking tasks. It works just like VLOOKUP on excel. The app is free to use for two boards. For more complex liking you can use the “1stfree” coupon when checking out to get a first free month of unlimited usage.

Hope this helps.