Looking for assistance with a specific use case - update mirroring between boards

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My group has a pretty specific use case that I’m hoping to solve, and while I’m extremely handy with the simple built-in Monday automations, I’m no back-end developer and I think that’s ultimately what’s required.

All the projects my group manages have individual boards to break down task-level work. I think the My Work view sucks, candidly, so people in my company are not using it, and as such they’ve needed a single “place” for tasks to flow into where they can see everything that they’re responsible for in a certain period of time, be that a week, a two-week sprint, etc., etc. So, through some buttons and mirroring, I have all our tasks across all projects flowing into a single board that the entire team executes work from, and then status updates and date changes and all that sort of data flows back into each source project plan. The team knows where to execute, and the PMs have high level visibility into any changes and how it impacts their plan.

The Use Case/Problem
As folks probably know, you can mirror everything, essentially, except for Updates/Comments. So we can see when people change statuses or whatever the case may be, but we can’t see when they leave a comment providing context or a question or an attachment. This, again, strikes me as fundamentally stupid, but it’s a known limitation at this point, so what can you do. My hope, however, is that someone in this community with more facility with APIs (I’ve dipped my toe into Tray/Make/Zapier, but it’s a level of complexity that we’re not eager to take on if we can avoid it) can provide some guidance toward building a solution. This solution would be:

When update in overall task execution board is created, duplicate that update in the source (aka linked) board).


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Hi @kengagnon - this is a very common issue. Are the tasks connected between the boards with a 2-way connection? If so, you could utilize an app like Update Magic which will keep updates in sync by copying them to connected items. There is also an app called Conversations which will pull in updates from connected items, dependent items, etc. (however these show on a separate tab).

Outside of this you would need to look into custom development or make.com with Webhooks to manage this.


Hey there @kengagnon and welcome to the community forums!

As Mark stated below, there are a few ways that you can achieve this with some native integrations but it depends on how robust of a solution you truly need. Using something like make.com is something the team at CarbonWeb. We have used a variety of different programs to bring data into monday.com in order to make it actionable.

I’d be happy to explore this project in greater depth if you’d like to schedule some time. Consultation - Ricky

Good luck as you continue to develop your workflow!

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Hi @kengagnon
I am certified monday.com professional being there on the platform for last 4 years now . If you would like to connect and dicuss further on this. You can reach out at aquatic@outlook.com


Hello @kengagnon👋 ,

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Just like Mark and Ricky explained, depending on what type of solution you need, you could make do with native integrations or one of the apps that were described.

Otherwise, using something like Make.com would certainly satisfy all your business needs.

Our team at thespelas.com would be glad to assist, whether with discussing if a native integration or an app would suit your case, if or if it would be necessary to use another platform like make , in which our team has great experience in.

Please schedule a Free Consulting Session with us here should you need any assistance.

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