Looking to hire help for trello -> monday.com - what should we look for?

Sorry - we are a little new to this territory for me as a small business owner/operator! We currently use trello for everything…which is good, for the most part. We are growing however and trello just doesn’t cut it. We’d love to convert our trello boards into monday boards - the import feature works great but we use comments and descriptions in trello which don’t import. I have tinkered enough with integromat and zapier to know that the API should be almost close enough to what we need to bring in that data, but support for Monday has suggested we reach out to the developer community as the exact features we are looking for aren’t available.

What are some key things we should look for in developers/freelancers to help us out with our project? Searching online is a little tricky and hasn’t produced any results, and we’ve filled out the forms on the site but have not heard from any developers that would help! Thanks for any input - this seems to the most active place for API/Developers!


Hey @fogodave – thanks for joining the community! This is the best place to put this, but I think the “Hire a specialist” category is the right place for this. I’m going to move this topic to that section and ping the moderator so they can follow up :slight_smile:

Ok - great. Thanks! I didn’t see much activity on there, so placed in in the other board, but I look forward to hearing what the community says. Thanks so much!

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Hey @fogodave

We have partners who can assist with professional services like what you describe!

Would you be interested in talking to someone? Where are you based?

Yes - we submitted the form on the site but did not hear from anyone, we are based in Washington DC, in the US. We’d love to chat with someone!

Hi @fogodave,

I am a sales representative from 729 Solutions, a Monday.com certified services partner based in San Francisco. I would love to jump on a call to discuss your project and see where me might be able to assist you. Please feel free to email me scotland@729solutions.com and we can coordinate schedules.

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Hi @fogodave,

Were you able to find someone to help you out with your integration project? 729 Solutions is a systems integration specialist, and a monday.com services partner. Please send me an email at scotland@729solutions.com if you would like to chat!

-Scotland Miller

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