Maintaining all Automation Template settings

The Automation Templates only keep the criteria but not the specifics of the settings. For example, if I have an automation template where I’d like to assign the same person and send a notification, and change a status, every time I use the template, I have to re-add the person, re-add the notification details, re-type the email and complete the status again.

This makes it very difficult to add an automation that would be the same account wide, across all boards. It’s very time consuming to add individually every time, and kind of defeats the purpose of having a template in the first place.

Could we not have the template carry through all settings, and if those settings aren’t available in that board, then they are left blank?

Yes! I have multiple boards that I use the same automations on. I have to re-do every template (multiple) each time. This would be great if it could save all the data in it vs. it being blank and filling it in manually.

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