Workflows & Automations template not saving "People" selections

I’ve created a workflow template for notifying two specific user accounts whenever an update is created (ie. a comment in a conversation), so I don’t have to manually create this automation from scratch on every board. The template is saved under “Account Templates” under “Workflows Center” and is available to select when adding to other boards, however it isn’t saving the specific notification settings and I have to manually set them each and every time, which completely defeats the point of using a workflow template as it takes just as long as creating from scratch each time.

I’m including screenshots of the saved automation and what the workflow template looks like when trying to select it (showing the notify & person values as blank).

Is this a bug or should the specific notification settings for this workflow/automation be saved with the template?

I believe this is how it works. It saves the structure of your automation as a template but not the specificities… Would make a good request…

Well, that is just dumb! What’s the point in a “template” that doesn’t save the whole template?