Make.Com Erratic Behavior with Office 365 Email

I am brand new to Integromat so I set up a account rather than using the legacy Integromat site.

I set up a simple Scenario which uses an Office 365 folder as a trigger and created a Item containing the subject of the email and URL back to the original email.

The Scenario works inconsistently. Sometimes it does not execute at all. At other times it executes twice for the same email.

Is this an issue I need to debug in my Scenario, or is this likely a bug in the new system? I know there was a post about a Monday-specific webhook component but I am using Office 365 as my trigger rather than a webhook so that does not seem to apply.

I have the same problem. It started 2 weeks ago. The integration does not process date/time pulses correctly (+1 hour, for some weird reason), also some e-mails never get sent, some get sent twice. This is a huge setback for our company since we do all of our planning through

I also get random 503 errors - and at other times it works fine