Outlook calendar sync

I am really struggling with the calendar sync feature. I read the tutorials and I do get the sync to work, but what I am not understanding is how the event is posted in my calendar. When setting up the sync the button clearly states ‘Sync with default calendar’. However, everytime I setup a sync on a task it creates a new calendar called untitled,untitled(1), untitled(2), etc… When a task date is changed it does update the entry on the correct ‘untitled’ calendar, but I now have about 10 new ‘untitled’ calenders. I am struggling to see how the sync feature really has any use. I expected it to add an event to my real default calendar so that it would be useful. Is anyone else having an issue with this or can suggest how to make it work properly?

Hi @DKone, Doug,

I have an Integromat scenario that gets triggered by a value change (eg date/time) and that updates my O365 default calendar. My scenario also creates Zoom meetings but it can be changed to support your setup. Are you using O365?

thanks for the reply. Yes we are using O365. We just started using Monday.com this week and I am trying out some of the features. I am not sure what you mean by an Integromat.

@basdebruin, thanks for your response. My first reply to you was flagged as spam and all I did was answer the questions you asked me. I experimented with my Google calendar and the sync with monday worked great, completely as expected. Yes we are using O365, but use the locally installed apps. I hope this post does also not get removed.

Hi Doug, it should not be a problem to sync form a date/time or timeline column to a O365 calendar by using Integromat ans a webhook. There is currently one issue with this: the webhook is not triggered when you change the time (and not the date) in a date column. Support is looking into this.

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