Make Group Titles Accessible OR Add Meta Data to Groups

Request: Hey there! I really enjoy how groups collect all the tasks and subtasks related to a project, however, many of the tasks within each group needs to be done in one day. Right now, if used with the Calendar view, only the individual tasks will show up on the calendar. This ends up cluttering the calendar with tens of tasks on one day, making the view almost completely useless. The easiest way to make groups more useful is to have the group name accessible to columns and other data. Eg. use Group Name in Calendar with Due Date, or allow advanced users to connect hidden meta data to the group.

Use Case: I am building an educational course with 3 types of lessons, each with 10 unique tasks make up the creation process for that type of lesson. The course has 5 lessons for each type and one group for each lesson, which totals 15 individual groups. My goal is to complete 3 lessons per day, so to keep track, I create a Calendar View for my sprint board, and select 3 groups and use the due date to track which day they should be completed.

Work Around: Create an additional task in the group that acts an info cache for the calendar to use.

hi @akjackson25

Welcome to the community! We provide a free app (acting as an automation action) that set a dropdown column value to the groupname when an item is moved to a group. It will not set the dropdown initially, this will still be a manual process. With only two automations using this app your dropdown box will contain the groupname on item creation and item moves:

This free app can be installed from: Where Teams Get Work Done

Here is a screenshot how to set this up: