MAKE Webhook "Failed to communicate with URL provided"

whatever i try, I’m not able to set a webhook with (formerly Integromat) and get this error “Failed to communicate with URL provided”. I do receive a confirmation in


we tried also to change the webhook settings, and tried with various MDC accounts and boards

are you having the same trouble?

See: Important! -- Recommendation regarding Integromat (now Make)

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The easiest way around this is to use the monday module “Watch Events”. This is the monday specific webhook module. Not sure why they didn’t just call it “monday Webhook”.


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LOL, or go to the post @basdebruin referred to. :grin:

Thank you both for your guidance, “Watch Events” works as expected. We are also having trouble with others issues listed by Jim in the post, in particular with mapping IDS.
I also submitted the issues to MAKE team.

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