Making a dropdown based on items from monday board that updates

Been reading a lot on the forum and am glad to see so many people trying to be helpful. Would be grateful is someone could help me figure out if this is possible, and if so how to set it up.

I’m trying to make a form with a drop down menu based on a list of items in monday.

So I have a board on monday with a list of item names that are hard for me and people in my team to remember. This board is frequently updated, and not everyone has access to the board. There is a form that people on the team need to fill out that require selecting one or multiple items from that board. Currently this is a blank text space. The way we find the name we need is by either by memorization or hunting for the exact name of the item from another database we have.

I want to do two things:

  1. I want to take the existing items from the board and put them in a dropdown list with a form.
  2. I want to have this dropdown menu update as new items are added to the board.

My hope is that once I have this dropdown menu setup, the form will automatically give the user those updated dropdown options.

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Hi @UmairArshad - Welcome to the community! Could you share a few more details, such as how many of these items exist and how often they change? We all might have different recommendations depending on how frequently the list changes and/or how large it is.

There are currently just under 30 items on the board. We get new items every 2-3 weeks.

Hi @UmairArshad thank you for providing further context!

To be quite honest, we don’t currently have a way to feed a drop-down menu column with the names of different existing items, I am afraid. This would need to be done manually as of now.

With that said, in case creating the item directly on the board is an option, I’d recommend adding a “Connect to board” column to your board as well. This column will let you access and see all the items within the connected board and use them as a reference/connector. I know this is not the most suitable solution, but I do hope it help a bit :slight_smile:

In any case, I’ll be glad to pass this feedback to our team for future consideration and improvement!

– Elisa

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