Making my Google Sheets script into a Monday App

Hi there Monday community!

I am hoping someone can give me direction on how I can do this as I am sure it must be possible.

I have gotten really good as using the API and Google Sheets to do things that can’t be done (to my knowledge) directly in Monday. However, I would love to be able to simplify somethings.

Here is one example that is just between Monday data.

I have a Master Project Board (MPB) that has 5 status columns, 1 per phase of the project.
Every time a new project is created (off of a template board) it is added as an item on the MPB.
The project boards have a group for each phase and each group has it’s items in it.
The goal is to have the MPB status automatically reflect the status of the group on that particular project’s board.

Right now I have a Google script that is successfully accomplishing this. It pulls the data needed from Monday, reads it, runs the logic to update the MPB appropriately and everything. We have it set to pull updates on a recurring cycle (twice/day). I am sure there is a way to do this logic directly in Monday.

Would love some suggestions or if this exists else where in the community please direct me there!


Hi there @ChrisBuna :wave:

Thanks for making such a great and thoughtful post - I appreciate the level of context to your question and the thing you are looking to accomplish!

It does seem like something you should be able to accomplish by using our API and creating logical conditions within your code directly to check for this. I am basing this on the fact that we have a similar recipe that will trigger a notification:

I would definitely see the discussion related to this thread being useful to all developers, so thanks for creating this opportunity to share knowledge :slight_smile: I’m sure our experts would love to jump in here.