Managing Recurring Orders and Decrementing Against Original Order

We have recurring orders, where a large order of units is purchased upfront and then over time, we ship against that original order/PO. The shipments post the original order can be random in total count before the original order amount goes to zero.

As of now, our Operations team doesn’t have a good way to track how many units have shipped to date, against the original order/PO.

In one board, the Sales team captures the original order and then in a separate board (where I foresee this column/solution/formula living), the Operations team manages the shipments. Right now, that information is only that the order shipped or has not shipped. We’d like something that reflects this:

  • 100 units were originally ordered
  • 10 shipped on 9/1/21
  • 22 shipped on 9/1/21
  • This now leaves 78 to be shipped

Any thoughts?



My first thought would be something like this, where orders are groups, items are… items, and using subitems to track shipments. But, as they say, “the devil is in the details.” Much of how this should be setup will depend on your specific use case.:

Thanks, Jim. That is certainly an option. For some orders where the original quantity is low, it would work (not many sub-item shipments). The larger ones we get though, where there might be 20 + shipments, that could get messy. Thank you for the example and brainstorming!


It would make the processing more difficult; but, another approach would be to put the shipment details in the updates. I think it’s a good idea to have some type of explicit record of each shipment by item.

Hi @brianwbates This is just a very rudimentary mock up.

But essentially you could track your stock on one board, and your orders on another (potentially even deliveries on another- for the sake of this example I’ve just included deliveries in subitems).

You could even automate your full orders to come in an automatically select which item, which would then always give you a live number of how many you should have remaining in stock.

I build this kind of workflow for multiple organisations every week. Would be happy to help if you needed it.
Feel free to shoot me an email at if you’d like to discuss further.

Hey @brianwbates :wave:

It looks like @JCorrell and @Bianca have given some great potential options for keeping track of the original quantity versus how many you have created for the order thus far!

If you are still looking for something a bit different, feel free to elaborate a bit further! Otherwise, remember to mark the proper answer as the solution if it answers your question for future readers :slight_smile:


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I hope the answers in this thread are useful!
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Thanks for the input!

I think for now, we might just have our warehouse folks manually enter into Monday, the number of orders shipped each time and have that number substracted from the original order amount.

What would that formula look like in a column in monday?

eg (original order amount)-(shipment qty on xx/xx/xxx)-(shipment qty on xx/xx/xxx), etc…until we hit zero and that point or shortly before then, a trigger is pulled notying us that the PO has run out.


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