Manually Generate "filter" URL

When I filter a board using the UI, I see a URL generated in this format:

What is the encoding used for this “filter” variable? Can I use the same format to create filtered URLs on my own?

Use Case: We have an internal line of business application. We want to embed URLs that redirect our users to specific filtered Monday board depending on which record they are viewing in our application.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Hey @mittalvishesh :wave:

That’s a great first post! My warmest welcome to the community and I hope you enjoy your stay with us :slight_smile:

Just to make sure we’re on the same page here, are you looking for a way to input those URLs manually, without using the interface? Does using filters and then copying the URL work for you in general?

I’d love to understand the use case and need here a little bit better, so that we could provide the most relevant advice here :slight_smile:


Hi Alex

Thanks for your reply. We have a board for “Accounts”. Each “Account” has a lot of “Tasks”. Those tasks are listed on a separate Monday board.

From the Monday UI, I can easily see the tasks for one account by going to the “Tasks” board and using the filter to filter for one Account. Straightforward so far.

Our external line of business app needs to generate such filtered URLs for every account. So if we can understand the format of these URLs, we can programmatically generate these URLs for every account one by one.

For example, if the URL was of this format:, I can see that changing the “12123121” to some other value will filter the board differently.

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Got it, thank you so much for clarifying! To be transparent with you, I’m not quite sure if this would be possible to achieve programmatically, but I’ll check in with our developers just to be sure.

On the other hand, it might also make sense to create a Board View/Dashboard Widget app that would do the filtering for you, based on the logic you create within the app directly. This will mean you will have full control over the way the filtering works, although it also means that you’ll need to develop this solution.

As soon as I have more insight to share on this, I’ll let you know.



After careful consideration with the product team, I’m afraid that this is indeed not possible at this time. That said, I’ve passed the feature request along to our product team and perhaps this is something we will be able to implement in the future.

Thanks so much for your patience here! As of today, I’ll also move the topic to the feature request section to allow other users to vote for the feature.


I would like this feature as well!