Map View: 2+ Addresses in Mirrored Cell

Feature Needed:
Allow 2+ Addresses in a Mirrored Cell to Appear in Map View

Use Case:
For our CRM/Contacts, we use separate boards for People & Organizations and ALSO for Locations & Phone Numbers. (i.e. addresses/phone records: corp/satellite offices, work sites, shipping, billing, home, etc.) That way we can attach an unlimited amount of locations/phone numbers for each People/Org record. The Location & Phone Numbers Boards are not intended to be accessed directly but instead all add/change actions should be handled from the People/Org Boards. Viewing our People/Org Boards with a Map View is critical and needs to be possible when using Mirrored Locations from a separate board.

Issue With Current Functionality:
Mirroring the Location column (from the Location Board) within the People/Org Boards works fine in a Map View when there is only 1 mirrored Location in a Mirrored cell. However, if there are 2+ Locations in the Mirrored Cell, it strings all the locations together like one text string. Each Mirrored Location column is not treated like a linked record like with mirrored phone numbers, etc. Therefore, it does not Map each Location from the People/Org Board’s Map View.