Map widget from mirror column values

Hi I’m having some issues creating a Map widget. I have a Board where I track leads, I have a connected column with the contact of the lead, and several mirrored columns from that contact (Account, company, country) I want to create a map view form the mirror column “Country” but no data is showing on the map.
I have the exact same set up on a separate board that works well so may this be a bug @BiancaT ?

Hey William,

This does sound a little strange.

Can you please confirm how many levels of mirroring is taking place for that location column? I.e is it being mirrored only across one board or multiple?

If this is only one level of mirroring, can you please try the following?

  • duplicating the board view?
  • testing this behaviour in an incognito window?

Thanks for your help!

Hello @BiancaT Yes you are right. There are two levels of mirroring. The value “Country” on Board1 is a mirror from the board "“Contact”, which value “Country” is a mirror from the board “Accounts”
Is there a way to create the map widget with two levels of mirrored values or should I create a unique “Country” value for the contact board?


If decide to delete the mirrored column “Country” on Contacts, is there a way to duplicate the column keeping values but disconnecting it from the mirrored Board? i have over 5000 contacts with the value country mirrored from Accounts. would like to keep that information but disconnected from accounts without loosing the exisiting data.
Any magic solution?

Hey William, thanks for getting back to me!

I’ve tested this on my end and I am afraid at this time the board view only supports that 1 level of mirroring, which explains why the location isn’t appearing in the map. In order to view the location, you will need to keep it to one level of mirroring or as a native column.

In regard to the mirror column in your contacts board, you can duplicate the mirrored column, and convert the duplicated value into a native column, i.e. text column or long text column to ensure that data stays in the board? Would this work for you? :slight_smile:

Hello Bianca. Yes, this worked, duplicated the column as text, sorted the range by that text, add the items on batches, delete the extra column and mirror the value Country from this new column. All working now, thank you very much for yoru support!

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Thank you for the update William - I am happy to hear this! Thank you for your help with this :pray: