Mapping subitems to items not possible

I want to change the layout of my board now before it has too much info in it and it becomes difficult.
I have plenty of Groups with Items and lots of sub items.
I now want to flatten the hierarchy so I only have Groups and Items.
i.e. I want to convert all my subitems to be items.

I have created a draft Item that has the same structure/columns as the subitems, but with no values in them.

If I select to convert a subitem into an item, I expect that it will give me a mapping window, and that I will be able to find a corresponding column for each sub item column. And that it will port the values into the new Item columns.

But I am not getting any mapping window and it just goes and creates the Item with no entries.

What am I doing wrong?

I have now experimented, with adding values for all the columns at the Item level.
The conversion is now happening, but still without a mapping window, and sometimes it picks the incorrect value