Marketing Calendar Views

Hey there -

I’m building out our Marketing Calendar on Monday, and I’ve ran into a few problems similar to this. I’m finally at a good point with our workflow and board setups, but now I’m navigating how this will be viewable by our other (non-marketing) employees.

Basically, our “Marketing Calendar” board is set up to have groups by area/topic. Sales + Promos, Ambassadors, Trade Shows + Events, Product Launches, etc. These have dates and other necessary data that folks in departments like Operations and Customer Service should know.

This information is also mirror and used as dependencies on their own project specific boards when needed. Fantastic.

I worked to make sure all of this information was housed under one board since I needed to share it all in widget views. Dashboards are not publicly shareable, so here we are.

Now my issue is how I can long-term use this one board or one view. We plan by our fiscal year.

Should I make new groups by FY? Should I archive items?

I want folks to continue to be able to look back at the continuing to build calendar. Maybe they have a question about what happened last October and what promotion was running… they’ll need to go back and view that!

So, what are the best options? I know archival makes them inaccessable to the calendar/widget view. I don’t want the board to get more and more cluttered or unusable as we build more and more on here… What should i do?!