Mass Email - Stuck in Queue

Hi Everyone,

We have recently started testing out the mass email function. It has been going smooth up until today. A test email I sent before sending the actual version to a large pool of clients is stuck in queue. As far as I can tell there is no way to delete something that is in queue. Is there a work around so I can get these emails to send? Everything is at a stand still currently.

Hi @cassiemarie193 :wave:

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Is the queue still stuck? Not something I’ve experienced so far (had smooth sailing with the mass emails to date) so would recommend raising this with as they will likely want to make sure that doesn’t happen again for anyone :slight_smile:

Happy to help as far as I can if you wanted to chat:

Hi Peta,

It seems to have resolved itself! I do wish there was an option to delete something from the queue, as it stands now I don’t believe it is possible but looking forward to future updates!