Mass mailing not working

Hello everyone! I can’t make my mass email work. It’s supposed to be well configured, my control page says mails are sent, but they never arrive to my email test address.

After a day, status changes to FAIL.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Hey Marcelo,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with our mass emailing feature!

I can confirm that we have been experiencing issues with our mass emailing feature resulting in delays in emails sending that our developers are currently working to resolve. That said, it sounds like this might be a slightly different issue… can I ask if you’re still encountering this same issue with emails failing?

Hi is there an update on this? I am able to send mass emails from 3 of 6 of my team’s accounts.

Please help :slight_smile:

Hi, same here, we have some automations and when a status change an email must to be send to a team (5 people)… But it doesn’t works from some weeks. Only one or two email are received, totally random.

PS: in my case i don’t see a fail status, automation is success.

Any progress on this bug?