Mass email outreach help

Ive made a system that sends out a mass amount of emails at one time every morning but monday dies whenever I send out over 20 at the same time, I want to fix this by creating something that sends emails off one at a time instead of all at once but im stuck on how to make it. Or if anyone has other solutions to this I would love to hear them

Hi @camdaty14!

How are you sending emails currently? When you see the issue while sending more than 20 emails, what kind of error do you see? Are you using our API in your system?

Im not using api at the moment im just using build in monday automations but Im going to need to make something to fix this. every night at 6pm this boar fills up with items that need to be sent out in the morning. at 8am the automation triggers to move it to a new group, change the status, send an email then push a date. Most of the emails never get to send because something goes wrong with monday.