Send ONE automated email for multiple items with same due date

Hi all!
I have a board where several items have the same due date. I have set up an automation to email someone outside of 7 days before the due date. However, the recipient is receiving multiple emails on the same day (one per item).

I can’t figure out how to consolidate all items with the same due date into one reminder email.

One other complication is that I will need to do this on up to 30 boards, but not every board has the same items grouped together.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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I’m having a similar issue. I want one due date for a GROUP of items (and/or an entire board). My use case is onboarding and offboarding boards for employees. I want to make the due date the employee’s last day for the entire board, but with automated reminders that notify the appropriate people if there are still items to be done when the employee’s last day (the board due date) has arrived. I can set up reminders for each item, but don’t want everyone receiving a slew of emails. I basically just want ONE reminder to be set up to let them know if there are items still to be done. Any suggestions?

I have a similar issue as well. Any updates or solutions on this?

No, I haven’t had success with this!