Master-Detail app available on August 29

Good news for every lover looking for Master Detail relationships between board. As a monday partner Excellent Team is proud to release the Master Detail app on August 29.

Master boards watches supported columns (Number, Status, Timeline and Time Tracker) on any number of Detail boards and show totals (average, min & max also supported) in a single row per Detail board.

I got inspired by the number of messages in both the Community and the Partner channel where fellow lovers are asking for Master-Detail solutions. In many use cases the amazing dashboards in will solve the user’s needs. Mirror columns and sub-items can also be of great usage. In other situations the available features are not the best solution, some people just want to see the Column Summary of many columns in many (Detail) boards in a Master board. That is why I developed Master-Detail.

All configuration is done from the Master board. The first thing to do is to prepare the master board with columns for:

• Matching ID – a text column that will hold the ID of the Detail board where the Detail board need to have this [ID] anywhere in its title
• Collect – a status column with two statuses (On/Off) to be able to switch the data collection for a Detail board On or Off.

The next step is to configure the Master board with this recipe:

Step 1 – use this board as template for detailed boards and this column for matching. Control data collection by setting this status to on status or off status

The field this board let you chose any board in your account (providing you have access to it) to be used as a template. The app will look for supported columns in this template board to build a list for later use. When you add a Detail board (by changing the this status in you Master board) the app will check if this Detail boards exists (does it have the [ID] in its title) and then will check if the Detail board contains the same (supported) columns as the specified template.

There are recipes available for all supported column types, these are:

  • Watch this timeline in detailed boards and place overall timeline in this column

  • Watch this number in detailed boards and place the operation in this column

  • Watch this status in detailed boards for this state and place it in this column, using this format

  • Watch this time tracker in detailed boards and place the operation in this column, using this format

These recipes are used to get the required information from the detailed boards, where in some case users can select the operation (sum, average, min, max) and the format to be used.

After initial data collection which can take up to 30 seconds) the Master board will always show the actual aggregated information from the attached Detail boards.

This picture shows it all.

The app will be available with a trial period of 10 days. The trial mode can be unlocked by purchasing the app in our store at The app is licensed per Master board (you can have multiple Master baords in your account) and costs 139 Euro (ex VAT).

I will post the installation link here on August 29.

Happy boarding :slight_smile:


As promissed, here is the installation link for the revised app:

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Hey @basdebruin :wave:

So excited to see an amazing app built by our own community xperts :boom: :sunglasses: I love the detailed description and context as to what you were looking to achieve with this app, as well as the needs it strives to solve. Descriptions aside, it looks awesome too :slight_smile: Great job!


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Thank you @AlexSavchuk and other team members for the good discussions and for solving a few issues quickly and in time to meet the challenge deadline.

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Really good job @basdebruin!

That’s amazing! :slight_smile:

In this 2 minute video you can find some more details about this app.

Enjoy watching