Mautic x Monday for Marketing Automation

Hello Monday’s community!

I’m looking for feedback. Someone is using Monday coupled with a Marketing Automation solution? We are looking into the possibility of integrating Mautic with Monday for lead management.

It is possible to connect Mautic to Monday with Zappier but we don’t know if it is efficient. And the ideal would be a “native” integration, without third party tools in the middle of the process.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Hi @Adrien361

For integrations you will always have “something in the middle”, where something can be native monday integration (I don’t believe they offer integration with Mautic), Zapier, Integromat or an app developed for this purpose. I am looking for opportunities to develop integration apps, but they need to add value to a larger community of users. Do you know how popular Mautic is and are you open for a discussion on building this app?