Merge items or conversation bubbles


Through some of our automations we sometimes inadvertently have duplicate items created. Is there a way to merge 2 items with the exact same columns etc or even just a way to combine the conversations so we can delete one of the duplicate items but maintain the conversation history?


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Hey @czabbal, good question!

There isn’t a way to merge 2 items or combine conversation history at the moment, I’m afraid. You could move some of the duplicates to a different board and “@ mention” the duplicate items using their names in the updates section in the original board.

Feel free to let me know what you think and feel free to write in to for help with your particular workflow!

Any update on this feature? Why this hasn’t been added that we can have an automation that if email address matches combine items?

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Hey @doribak, no updates on this feature—it’s not on the roadmap at the moment! That being said, I like the idea about the automation, and I would recommend submitting it as a feature request here :blush: Feature requests/feedback - monday Community

Haval… i don’t understand why it’s not up on the list