Merging Pulses Within a Board

I would like to be able to merge “like” or similar pulses within a board. We use to log projects and with multiple users, sometimes we’re calling the same project similar titles. I’ll see a lot of duplicates and I’ll want to merge these pulses (with their accompanying comments, documents, sublists, etc.). I’m imagining a merge feature which checks with me as it merges pulses ("you’re sure you want to do this and attach the following documents, etc.?).

This would be so useful for me too!

As a use case, I currently have a board for onboarding new sponsors with all of the project management status’ and it would be nice to be able to collect invoicing information on the same board via the form functionality. That would create a new pulse which I’d like to merge with the existing one to have everything in the same place.

merge pulses please thank you