Microsoft Outlook Add-In

Jira, Wrike, and ClickUp all have add-ins/plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook that allow a user to send an email or other item (e.g., calendar invite) to a particular task/issue using a graphical user interface / point-and-click. It would be very helpful to create similar Outlook web, iOS mobile / Android, and desktop add-ins/plug-ins.

I am aware that a user could forward an email to a special email address that would associate it with a project. However, that would require the user to know the email address for each project as opposed to a point-and-click user interface directly in Outlook that would allow them to search for projects and then tasks which would be much easier for most users.

Agreed. Other key players, like Hubspot, etc. have this functionality. If wants to compete in the CRM space, this functionality is critical. It allows a user to easily control what gets logged to Monday and which contact/lead/deal it should be associated with at a click.