Mirror Column in Recipes - Bug

Hi, I am developing an app with integration feature. And i would like to access Mirror column via recipe. But i am unable to access it. If select “linkage Column” or “Column” when creating a custom action and then go to recipe and add the recipe to the board. When though board1 is Connected to another board2 and it has 3 mirror column. I am the owner of both these boards. But when i try to add recipe the column selection dropdown do no show the mirror columns. It shows all the other columns except mirror column. What could be the issue? Can anyone guide me on this.?

Hi @Rohail_Najam

Looks like you hit a bug in monday.com. I just tested it myself with this recipe (based on a custom action)

The column should allow People and Mirror columns (the column type is Mirror). When configuring this recipe I won’t allow me to select the mirror column. You can create a column which will give you the option for a People or a Mirror column, but even if you create the Mirror column from the recipe you can’t pick the newly created column.

I would write to support for this one.

Note: if you know the columnId in your code you can get the properties for the mirror column by accessing it’s text property (not the value property).

Hi @basdebruin

Thanks, Sorry I misunderstood you reply. Now I got it. Thanks so it’s a bug. The team will look into it.

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