Mirror Column to text Formula error

I have three boards that are connected

A. Employee Directory
B. Exiting Employee
C. Employee Licenses

Currently, one of the Exiting employee form questions is a connect board field to the Employee Directory. When users complete the form in board B, it mirrors the termed date to board A.

In board C, the users are also connected to the employee directory; and the termed date is mirrored. I need to get the termed date to a text field so that notifications and automations can work. I have tried column magic, but the trigger is the mirror column, so those automations are not working; I tried autoboost but because the mirror column is connected to multiple boards, that failed and I have not had success with General Caster. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated


I’m with the developer of Column Magic, if you reach out to our support we can get this worked around I believe.


I’ll also PM’d you the email (I didn’t want to directly post it here) because of potential spam bots.