Mirror connection update with Make(Integromat)

Hello and Happy New Year,
I’m trying to automate the link update of mirror columns using Make, but when I pass the related mapped ID values, only the first and last item are linked.


Item to link :

in this board :


Find elements in the group :

update Value :

After the update only the first and the last item has been linked:

Coming back to Make, i can see that the number of item read is correctly 4 :

And the update operation is 4 :


So I think it’s a value overwriting problem, but I can’t figure out how to fix it.

Someone can help me with this issue?
Thanks a lot!

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When you change a connect boards column, you have to write ALL IDs you want it to be connected to. That means you have to query to get all of the existing IDs, then add your new ones to the array, then write the entire array to the column in a single mutation.

Or just write the array you create, if you don’t want to retain any of the existing items.

Hope this points you in the right direction.

Hi Cody,
thanks for your support.

I have solved with text aggregator to group the IDs :

and updating the board connection with GraphQL Query mutation :