Mirror MS Project Functionality

Is there a way for me to set up dates similar to MS Project. For example, when I put in duration (days) it will automatically change the due date? Also, when I add predecessor, the task’s Start Date will change to the Due date from its predecessor? Monday seems like not a good tool for project management.

Hi @thaitr01 - Welcome to the community! While MS Project is a highly specialized tool for project management, monday․com is a Work OS - a platform that allows you to build any sort of business workflow, including managing projects and portfolios. The way monday․com handles dates, durations and dependencies is therefore a bit different, so as to provide flexibility for a multitude of different use cases rather than a set way of doing things like MS Project. You will find that monday․com Automations is where you can control how dates shift due to dependencies and also push dates out by X number of days as provided by a number in a column for duration (a Numbers column).

As a PMP, I realize this is a big shift to get into what I call the “monday mindset” of how things connect and work, after using specific purpose tools like MS Project. If you would like to chat about how to use monday․com for project management, we offer a limited number of no-charge strategy sessions each week in the community. You can schedule one here: Book Polished Geek: more with monday.com