Mirror multiple boards using unique data in the status board as a reference data to the connected boards

For status boards, it would be an incredible time saver to be able to choose a column of data in the status board, a master set of data with unique entries, that Monday uses with connected boards to verify data across rows for mirroring purposes.

Currently, when connecting boards, you can connect multiple boards (A+) BUT you have to manually choose which data you want to use to anchor on EVERY row for EVERY connected board.
This is fine for small lists, a few connected boards. But when you have larger lists and several connected boards, this is a major undertaking.

Populate rows in the status board each with a unique piece of data in the same column. That column can be the connected column (ideally imported from excel for larger lists). Then when connecting boards, we could choose the column in the connected board, where those pieces of data exist, and Monday makes the connection to each pair, automatically, and the mirroring process would then be the same as it is for the connected board you want to view.

Example, a column in the summary board with data like:
And on in my connected column on the status board, I say, “use column A that has matching data. When I add a mirror to that board, use the data in my connected column on my status board that matches the data in the connected board, and give me my mirrored info” - without me manually linking every single entry for every single connected board

For the more techy people this is the same idea as a database unique identifier that you use to collect data from multiple places. Without manually doing your query for every piece of data you want to collect.