Mirror subitem from one board to subitem in another board

I already proved it, and works, Nice solutions


The video isnt working for me. Can you repost it :smile:

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Does anyone know the status of this request? I am getting desperate :frowning_face: I also cannot see the workaround posted above, the video does not start.

This issue has NOT been solved!

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Here’s written instructions for a workaround to connect subitems to subitems:

  1. In the subitems of Board A, create a ‘connect boards’ column and link it to the items in Board B (check yes for two-way connection).

  2. In Board B, go to the subitems section and press add column (+) at far right. In the menu, choose “copy parent columns” at the top of the menu and select the parent-level ‘connect boards’ column (link to subitems of Board A).

  3. You’ll now have a subitem-to-subitem connected column!

  4. You can then delete the parent-level version of the column.

There have been so many requests and discussions around the requirement for adding mirroring of subitems that just seem to go nowhere and always get deleted? From what I can see there are a lot of users that need this feature. Can someone provide an update as to why this has not yet been pipelined? This is causing a huge blocker for my team.

Could you clarify what you mean by mirroring subitems?

Today you can “summarize” subitems to the parent - this uses mirror columns.

You can also create a two-way connect boards column on a subitem, and that creates a connect board column on the other board that you connect to subitems from (either direction.) You can then mirror subitem’s columns on that board. Automations around creating the connections to items though don’t exist today.

I’m only asking because the two above already exist, and without being specific what in addition is being requested, then the request will likely get closed because it isn’t clearly requesting a new capability.

Hi Cody, i am aware of the summarise function. This is not what I am looking for.

Essentially, we have 2 teams that share information for project but work in very different ways at different parts of the project cycle. In order to improve the UX and visibility of the most important data we are wanting to move the other data to subitems. The data within these subitems then needs to be able to be mirrored to another workspace for the other team who’s boards are set up to optimise their workflow. We want to reduce margin for error through mirroring and to avoid the time it takes to manually repopulate data we already have. Will the second option you are talking about do this?

The second option could do this - the only consideration is the linking has to be done manually (or a custom workflow created using a tool such as make.com).

Something else to know, this is subitems to another boards items. subitems to subitems is not possible.

Additionally, if you’re using mirrors - you are very limited in automations that can trigger from them. There are a handful of built-in automations (when status changes to something…) that are found in the automation center (not custom automations with that trigger) which can trigger on a mirrored status changing. That’s the extent of the automations* (without some fancy hacks)

However, if you have limited automations driven by mirrored statuses or only local columns on that board - it may work.

The hard part is going to be getting the mirrored item created - that said, with make you could create a webhook “when subitem created send a webhook” and from that create the item, and connect it to the subitem.

While it isn’t as easy as a native solution - it is possible.

Hi Cody, where can the webhook function can be found since right now that option does not appear, and only the option is when an item is created.


You need to look in “integrations” at “webhooks”.

This will send the webhook for you to use in something like make.com where you’ll create a custom scenario to process it.

Recently monday “unified” the interface for automations and integrations and really made it unclear where to find things.

You need to go to “Templates” at the very top of the automation center, then the integrations box/button on the left below the categories of templates, to find the webhooks integration.

hi @MTsudon , instead of mirroring, have you taught of just having the same item live on multiple boards? We have recently launched an app due to popular demand for this feature. It’s called Same Item Multiple Board by Formula Lookout. Here is a link monday.com: Apps Marketplace

If you need help on setting it up, you can book a call with us through here Snir Alayof - User Interview | TidyCal

Does this app support subitems? For example:

  • In Board1, I have an item that has Subitem1.
  • In Board2, I have an item that has Subitem2.

If I create another subitem in Board1, will it also create a new subitem in Board2? If I create a subitem in Board2, will it create a new subitem in Board1? Additionally, if there is an update in the columns of subitems, will these updates reflect across both boards?