Mirroring a subitem status in a parent status column


I searched a lot on the forum but couldn’t find any similar question:

What I set up:
When someone submit a form requesting languages like Spanish or Dutch, this creates an item in my board, with one subitem for Spanish, and one for Dutch. The status for those subitems is automatically set as “Requested”.

What I would like to achieve:
In the parent Item, I created status columns “Spanish” and “Dutch” and would like the status to mirror the subitems.

This is because when using the filter view “Spanish”, I don’t want my Spanish linguist to have to collapse the items to see the status for the subitem Spanish. I would like this status to be visible in a glance in the “status” (Spanish) column.

I would need something like:
When Spanish (parent column) changes to Requested, create a subitem (Spanish) and connect them.
When subitem status change to something, and if the name is “Spanish”, then change Spanish (parent item) status to something.

I cannot add external apps to do the trick due to my company policy.

Thank you for your help!