Missing/Deleted automations

This post is sort of 2 related topics and mainly as a heads up to other users.

Has anyone had any automations disappear from a board? I have a board with 180 automatations (133 active) and on Friday a user mentioned to me that one of them wasn’t working. After some searching and comparing with a backup board I use for testing, I have 21 automations for a specific process that just disappeared.

I have quite a few “owner” users on the board so I realize one of them could have deleted them, but most of them are not advanced enough to know there’s a place to edit automations. I also tested and there’s a second warning that the automation will be deleted permanently, so it would be very strange for it to have been a user. Regardless, I’ll be changing permissions ASAP. I also wonder if this might be related to any of the MondayDB upgrades.

For the second part, I know there’s not a change log or trash for automations, but I reached out to support hoping there was something they could see on the back and to at least tell me who deleted the automation. I received this automated solution response yesterday:

Based on your request, our system has recommended the answer:
You can restore deleted automations from the Recycle Bin. To access the Recycle Bin, you need to locate it in your workspace. Deleted elements will be stored in the Recycle Bin for 30 days. To recover a deleted element, locate it in your Recycle Bin by scrolling or searching and click the blue “Restore” button. If the automation is not in the Recycle Bin, it may not be recoverable.

The bottom of the email had links to report if the problem was solved or if I needed additional help. I chose additional help, because 1)to my knowledge there is no ‘Recycle Bin’ for automations (in developement?) and 2)if it exists, I don’t have access to.

I didn’t receive another email, so I checked my ticket log on the site and it was marked Solved! So, I opened another ticket referencing the first and got the same automated solution because I had pasted part of my original email and selected automations as the support topic. I got the same canned response, I clicked the need help button again, and again the ticket was marked closed in the log. All that to say, watch out for those automated responses.

Hey Rusty,

Sorry to hear you have had this experience and similarly, that you’re missing automations! I can see that you have received some automated responses and I’d be happy to investigate this further with you, if you’d like to DM me with your email? I do want to be totally transparent from that start, that restoring deleted automations is not something we typically support, however we can chat with our team about the potential to look into automations randomly disappearing… ’

Let me know!

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Coming back to this thread…a user flagged to me yesterday that 2 subitems were being created when some automations were triggered. I was about to open a support ticket, but decided to dig a bit. It appears that the missing automations have come back so I now have 2 automations triggering the same action.

I found a subject about this (Recover Deleted Automations), but the topic was closed and there wasn’t any resolution. I think it is critical that information is recoverable. We also found a missing automation, and cannot see who deleted it, why it was deleted, it cannot be recovered. Why wouldn’t this go in the recycle bin like everything else? I reached out to monday.com support and they said there is nothing they can do.

Feature request is to make automations go into recycle bin or ability to archive.
Additionally, need a way to print or export a list to look at all the automations, sort automations based on other options i.e. alphabetical, need a way to reorganize the automations to a better flow.

Thank you!