Mobile application capabilites

I find it really frustrating how poorly the crm mobile app works. There are many features that are lacking. The way you can’t sort/filter your deals on the app. Another one would be the fact that your notes and activities cannot be filtered either. This means that for any deal you have thats linked to the same account all the information about the other deal will show up which really clutters the small view on your phone.

Hello @jackw ,

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You can filter your deals/opps , but you need to go to the full board view.

Not sure about the filtering on notes/activities, since these cannot be filtered on the desktop version either, unless we are talking about the emails and activities board.

Let me know if I can help further!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Hey Jack,

You should be able to filter and sort in the deals screen, so please feel free to elaborate further or share a screenshot so we can look into this.

That said, it isn’t currently possible to filter in the Emails and Activities app, however the team are happy to look into supporting this in the future. I will share updates when they’re made known to me!

what’s really frustrating is that you can filter through activities on desktop. This allows you to see notes and activities that only pertain to that deal. However on your mobile device you see every single activity and email with the account.
Lets say that you have Account A with deal 1, deal 2 & deal 3 that are all in different locations. If I add a note for deal 1 which is in one location, it will always show up in deal 2 & 3 which does not help and makes the activities and emails tab redundant.

This works in board view but then makes the CRM capabilities completely useless because there’s no point in having the activities and emails portion.