CRM - Mobile Sorting

I find it incredibly frustrating how lacking the mobile app is for The best example is the inability to sort through deals. It is not customizable at all theres no way to sort deals this becomes difficult when you have hundreds of deals which the CRM software is supposed to be able to handle.
If we assign deals to people we can’t sort by those people

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Hey Jack,

Firstly, I apologise to hear of your frustration here! I want to let you know that I am direct communication with our mobile team, who’d like to gather some more information from you so they can work on developing something as soon as possible :pray:

Would you be happy to send me a direct message, elaborating a little further on the roadblock, i.e. the sorting/filtering options you’d ideally like to see and what’s currently no working. You’re welcome to share this information in the thread too - I look forward to hearing from you!

Hey jack, I just wanted to share some information that our product team have recently shared with me.

On iOS you should be able to already search by item name, title and company name, while on Android only the item name is currently searchable, however this is being worked on in our next update! In addition, we are working on supporting the ability to sort leads and deals by their owner, and even search by owner name. Let me know how this sounds :pray:

thats exactly what I am looking for. What kind of timeline are we looking at for this? I’d like to let my team know when we can start using the mobile application

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Apologies for the late reply here Jack, I’ve been OOO! Happy new year :slight_smile:

Are you currently only using an iOS device, or Android too?

Only using IOS device

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Thanks Jack - I’ve shared this with the team and will get back to you on a timeline asap!

Thanks for your patience Jack! I’ve had confirmation that the feature is expected to be fully released on 21st Jan. That said, if you join the beta testing group, you should be able to access the feature by the 14th! You can join beta via the app settings: Mobile app - Beta version and features.

Hope this helps!

Hello Bianca, I have the beta version but I don’t have the features. When can I expect this.