Mobile Performance & File Upload Errors

Has anyone else noticed that mobile performance is really bad?
Its buggy, crashes a lot and performance is generally really slow.

High end Android/iOS phones work fine, Monday won’t really load on a low or mid range Android, or older iOS.

Also have a consistent error:

Whenever we upload JPG files into the files column on a board from an iPhone or iOS- it will always corrupt 3 of the 10 uploads randomly, or 3 of the 10 uploaded will go missing completely and not upload at all.

If we delete the photo files from a PC, and reupload the photo files from the same iOS device, all photo files will upload fine with no issue. It’s just the first attempt to upload that causes issues.

We’ve ran through all the typical troubleshooting, have the latest version of the app, and have reinstalled it 3 times.