Monday API returns number with incorrect value

We’ve been using monday api through Make automation tool for 4 years. We just realized that sometimes monday API returns the number as “0.5” but sometimes “.5” without zero at left side. The value is in the board “0.5” and column type is Number.

Do you have any idea what would be the reason of this discrepancy ?
Please check attached screenshots.

monday API Issue 2
monday API Issue

Numbers are actually stored as text. If you type in 0.5 you get back 0.5 in the API, if you types in .5 you get back .5.

Javascript you just pass through Number(value) and it will convert the string to a number. Make unfortunately fails to do this step. You need to use parseNumber(value) to convert it from text to an actual number in make.

In 2023-10 and later API versions you can use a ... on NumbersValue{number} and the API will return an actual number value as number within the value. Make did not implement this type of use when they barely updated in time for the new API version. They maintained their API use as close to the old API as possible.

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