Answers: How to export and print the Gantt

Hey guys! Many people are asking about exporting our brand new Gantt chart so I thought I would explain how to do it!

To export the Gantt View to excel, open up the Gantt View and click the 3-dot menu at the top right-hand corner or the view. Next, click “Export to Excel”, like we’ve done in the image below.

Tip: Make sure to click the view’s 3-dot menu, and not the board’s, which is located at the very top of the board in the upper header.

Now, you can print the Gantt View that you have just exported right from Excel! Currently, you cannot print the Gantt View directly from, so make sure to export it first.

To export the Gantt Widget to Excel, head over to your dashboard and click the little Excel icon on the top-left corner of the widget. Once you have exported the widget, you can print it directly from Excel.

Hi, The Export to Excel is easy to use. But frankly, it is very poor version of Gantt compared to what we view in The “Print Board” feature print/save Gantt to pdf but problem is it only shows top part of Gannt and if it is big Gantt chart, cannot print/save whole Gantt chart in 1 pdf file.


Couldn’t agree more with the other reply.

Monday is absolutely amazing in what it can provide for your business!
Its only flaw is you cant print the Gant chart you see in the browser, I cant believe that of all the things it is the one simple task.

A client said to me after showing them Monday “its like buying a Ferrari only to pop the bonnet and find a lawn mower engine in it”


Any feedback on this one? Seems like a massive over site to not allow customers to export to anything other than a pretty shoddy Excel. A bit disappointed that I purchased an annual license if I am being honest. Unable to prepare PPT reports for my CIO is a way that can be presented outside of

Any update on this? I havent seen a reply to the original request from May, it would be great if there was at least some sort of response this request, anything at all…

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When I was in the trail period I was able to create a link from the Gantt chart which is a great to share with clients.

I can not find this feature now. Can you please let me know what I need to do to get it back?